Sweety Shop Cavalcade

Published on 31 July 2022 at 07:18

Coldstream Civic Week begins today after it's long awaited return due to Covid! Chris Lyon's is our Coldstreamer with Harry Shepherd his right hand man and we at the Sweety Shop and Kinghorn's Bakery wish them both, and all the others the best week!

I had no idea that My Little Pony would know Chris's colours back in 2012 when Pinky Pie was introduced, but 10 years later, here she is leading the Sweety Shop cavalcade! It's really quite splendiferous! Pop along and have a look in the window to see all of the other ponies that are partaking this year.

To all the riders of Coldstream Civic Week 2022 we wish you a "Safe oot - Safe in".


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