Don't forget we also sell fruit and veg in our little sweety/greengrocery emporium.

We have fruit and we have vegetables a plenty. Whilst we keep a stock of the basics we can also get the more exotic varieties the following day - simply tell me what you'd like and "poof" it will appear the next day. Daily deliveries means the fruit and veg is fresh and where possible we dundle around the local countryside in our little van to provide you with in season fruit and veg from our local farmers.



Starter, Main and Dessert collections... (can be added to)

Little Extras...

Purchase this Sage & Onion stuffing mix by the amount you require rather than by the box and you'll have no left overs rattling around your cupboard/pantry in July.

Simply add boiling water to desired consistency add a knob of butter or six and any extras (sausagemeat, cranberries, onions etc) to make it your own. DELICIOUS!


Serves 6





Within the 20mph signs of Coldstream, delivery is free. Outwith the signs the cost will be £3.00.

If you're opting for delivery, please add the address and postcode of the property being delivered to. We will be wearing a facemask and gloves and have sanitiser in Nessa (the van). We'll drop your goods at your door, ring the bell and stand back at the van whilst you take your goodies inside ensuring everything is correct before leaving.