Coldstream Sweets and Treats & Kinghorn's Bakery

our little family of five run the little sweety emporium and the bakery on the corner in Coldstream. We love doing what we do, and knowing that you love it too is an absolute bonus! If you haven't visited either of our little shops of goodies, have a look about on here to get an idea of what it is we do :o)


We recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can. We are cutting down as much plastic as we can within our shops and we love it when customers bring their own bags, margarine tubs and tupperware boxes to fill up. The stranger the container the better!

Feel free to bring your own travel mug into the bakery, but if you don't, all of our bags, cups, boxes and cutlery are compostable so you don't have to feel guilty when you've finished your purchase x